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B.C.C. Festival (Balkan Classic Contemporary Festival), is organized for the first time in Thessaloniki and aspires to become an institution in the cultural life not only of Thessaloniki and the Region of Central Macedonia in Greece but of all the Balkans.



To B.C.C. Festival is addressed to all dancers, of all ages, from all over the Balkans.



It will take place on June 11 and 12, 2022, at the theater


Monastery of Lazarists of Thessaloniki.


World-renowned dancers and choreographers are invited to rate and grade participants. Dancers who receive top scores earn scholarships to continue their studies at the schools where they attend.


Each dancer or dance group will compete and score, they are not competitive with the others but according to the score they will collect. This avoids competition, which is not in line with the spirit of creation and culture, as expressed through classical dance.


In the B.C.C. Festival will be a series of seminars which will be addressed to all dancers, amateurs and professionals, and will be held in the days before and after the festival.




Those dancers or dance groups are scored from 90% and above, who were awarded a gold medal. The highest score of the Gold Medals will be given the scholarship from the organization BCC Festival 2022 as part of the tuition, in the form of voucher, in the school with which he participated.


In the event that the student is expelled or suspended from the school with which he / she participated in the B.C.C. Fest 2022, the scholarship will go to the next in the ranking. Our goal is to reward both talented dancers and their trainers. In case of a tie, the gold medal will be awarded to all winners, but a final round will follow, where the judges will decide who should be awarded the category scholarship. In any other case the scholarship is reaped by the dancer or dance group with the highest score.


In case a dancer or dance group, over 18 years old, participates independently, without representing any school, then the corresponding amount of voucher will be given to the individual or group, by deposit in a bank account.


Additionally to the scholarships to be awarded by the B.C.C. Festival, the following scholarships will also be awarded by the judges.


From Mr Gyorgy Szakaly


Scholarship 50% scholarship for 10 months, from 15-16 years old in HUNGARY DANCE ACADEMY


Summer seminar: 1-2 students, lasting 10 days



From Mrs Ramona Palante

-1 to 5 Apprenticeships at the Sibiu Ballet Theater. (September to July)



-9 ballet workshops in particular


   3 for the Sibiu Dance Competition,


  3 - 30% on Elite Ballet Workshop and Gala Performance In Iulie 18-26 Bucharest 2022,


  3 - 30% in tuition for Sibiu Summer Intensive 01-15 August 2022



From Mr Massimo Perugini



1 scholarship for CDMA vocational school in Piedmont


1 Contemporary training at the Piedmont Professional Event




The choice of scholarships awarded by the judges themselves, as well as the choice of dancers who will receive them, is the exclusive prerogative of the judges.





SOLO: 40€ per person

DUET : 25€ per person

TEAM (3 person and over): 15€ per person



Discount 5 € per category to the participants who take part in the competition with more than one entry. In case a dancer has two or more participations in the group of the category, then his total discount will be 5 €.


In order for the entry form to be valid, it must be accompanied by a copy of it bank account with the amount of participation and sending proof of payment to email:

In case a dancer or dance group wants to stay in Thessaloniki, we inform you that BCCFest cooperates with several hotels in the city, so that those who wish can stay in any hotel of their choice. All this at very good prices, specially designed for the dancers of the Festival.


For the list of hotels but also the prices per hotel, distance from the theater etc, you can send mail to and we will inform you about it.

ENTRY OF VIEWERS  Available from schools: 15 € Admission from the theater box office: 20 €


GALLA will be held at the end of the Festival. There will be all the nominees for cash prizes that will be awarded as mentioned above. Admission to Galla will be free for all participating dancers, upon presentation of the pass they will receive. The entrance for the spectators who already have a ticket will be with 5 € with the demonstration of the ticket. Admission for spectators only for GALLA will be at € 15.

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