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SOLO maximum 2:30 (entrance and exit)

DUETS maximum 3:00 (entrance and exit)

TEAM maximum 4΄:00΄΄ (entrance and exit)

All categories are divided into solo, Due, teams


Free category (7-9 years old, 10-12 years old only)



For teams entries and duets the entry category is set

by the average age of the contestants.


In the case of classical repertoire choreography (variation or pas de deux) time is predetermined



For the age category of 13-15 years the choice of repertoire is free




For the age categories 16-18, 18 and above amateur, 18 and above students professional dance schools the choreography from the classical repertoire is mandatory and you have to choose from the suggested variation


Note: All choreographies we may use accessories

(fans, umbrella, etc.). It is not permitted under any circumstances

the use of scenery. Do not use hazardous materials






The contestant will have to pay an ID and a doctor's certificate that he / she can participate in the festival





Do not use passionate and violent content in choreography



Grading penalties


in case of exceeding the participation time limit


in the case of the classical repertoire's unreliable performance



Younger dancers at a higher level are allowed.

Do not use pointes in categories 7-9 and 10-12 years old.





The dancers will be scored on a scale of 100



Their evaluation will be divided into three stages (technical, expression, musicality).



In teams choreography we will also add the sync criterion


The average of three or four will be the final mark




1st Prize (Score from 95-100)


2nd prize (score 85-94)


3rd prize (score 75-84)


Praise (Score from 65-74)




7-12 years old: Girls / pink-black or dark blue bodysuit, body tights, body shoes.

Optional skirt use


7-12 Boys / Black or Gray Leggings, White T-shirt, Black Shoes


(Suit only allowed in categories from 13 years old).


In all the other varied categories, dancers should wear the appropriate role suit





Bodysuit, pantyhose or leggings.



Anyone who wishes can come in costumes.



In all other categories the choice is free.

Repertoire Selection:


(Mandatory under the B.C.C. Fest regulation



For categories 16-18, 18 and above amateurs but also 18 and more students and professionals to choose one of the following variation:



1. Blue bird from Sleeping Beauty

2. Cupid Variation from Don Quixote

3. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

4. kitri 3° act from Don Quixote

5. Variation from Esmeralda

6. Raymonda- I Act Pizzicato variation

7. Grand Pas classique 

8. Entre de kitri from Don Quixote

9. Odile variation, SwanLake Act III 

   στο videoclip από το 1.44 έως 3.00

10. Tchaikovsky pas de deux variation

11. Giselle variation, Act I

12. The 3d Odalisque variation from Le Corsaire

13.  4th Variation from Paquita

14. 1st variation pas de trois from Swan Lake                                                                                                                                      
15. Variation from Napoli

16. Flames of Paris variation


17. Variation from la fille mal gardee

18. 3d  shade from La bayadere

19a. Variation from Diana and Acteon  1η εκδοχή

19b. Variation from Diana and Acteon 2η εκδοχή

20. 2nd Variation from Paquita


21.Variation from dream, Don Quixote

22. La bayadere variation

23. 3rd Variation from Paquita






For Men's variation in categories, 16-18, 18 and over amateur, 18 and above students and

a repertoire must be presented, but the committee leaves the choice of variation free

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